The Misty Moon International Film Festival – October 2013

Misty Moon held the 2nd Annual Misty Moon International Film Festival from the 26th October – Halloween.

We had 13 Bloody Brilliant films that were screened every night and were judged by The Misty Moon Scream Queens made up of the best UK & US actresses.  In the gallery we had Sally Geeson, Madeline Smith, Rutanya Alda, Caroline Munro, Heather Ripley and Francoise Pascal and in the US the judges were, Adrienne King, Belinda Balaski and Eileen Dietz.

The Final 5 Films were screened on Halloween in front of The Scream Queens and the audience chose the winner.

1) “Jack Attack” – Director: Bryan Norton

2) “Cursed” – Director: Sanjeev Sankhalpara

3) “Shell Shocked” – Director: Dominic Brunt

4) “Chicken” – Director: Henry Williams

5) “Slaughter House” – Director: MJ Dixon

We also screened “The Landlady” a new short film made by Robo Films and in conjunction with Misty Moon. It starred Hammer Glamour Girl and Misty Moon Alumni Caroline Munro.

Here is the trailer for the winning film “Jack Attack”