Adrienne King

Actress & Artist

Adrienne King is an American actress who is most well known for her portrayal of Alice Hardy in the 1980 Cult Slasher Film Friday the 13th.  Alice Hardy was the sole survivor of that fatal night at the infamous Camp Crystal Lake.  Alice ended up beheading Mrs Voorhees, Jason’s Mother, and through this one act of self defence a Legend Was Born.  Adrienne reprised her role of Alice in Friday the 13th Part 2, unfortunatley for Alice she was murdered by a vengeful Jason, after Alice found Mrs Voorhees head in her fridge !!

Adrienne took up painting and much of her work is based on Friday the 13th.  Adrienne also makes her own wine, Crystal Lake Wines at The Valley View Winery.

Adrienne became involved with Misty Moon last year. She first exhibited some of her art work at The Autumn Exhibition 2010, and Adrienne’s paintings have been a focal point of Misty Moon since and have sold well.

After the success of these exhibitions, Adrienne is coming over to London in September 2011 to appear at her very own Misty Moon Exhibition at The Tank Gallery.  Adrienne will be exhibiting some new pieces she has been working on.

Jason Voorhees - Animated Adrienne King as Alice - Animated


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