Eileen Dietz


From the Oscar winning film, THE EXORCIST, and the Emmy winning movie-of-the-week, HELTER SKELTER, to the Emmy winning daytime drama, GENERAL HOSPITAL, and the Tony winning play, STEAMBATH, Eileen Dietz has been involved in some of the best and most exciting projects in the motion picture and television industry.

Eileen was just six weeks old when she and her twin sister Marianne starred in an ad for a popular detergent.

Eileen was cast in Pulitzer Prize winner Joyce Carol Oates’ first play, ONTOLOGICAL PROOF OF MY EXISTENCE, where she portrayed an androgynous runaway. This role led directly to an audition and a screen test for THE EXORCIST, in which she was cast for two parts: The Demon (better known as The Face of Death), and the possessed Regan (the Linda Blair character). For this role, Eileen performed many of the controversial scenes that portrayed the child being possessed by the evil demon, exorcised by Father Marrin. For six months, Eileen vomited, levitated, spit, and abused the cross. Following her memorable and legendary performance in THE EXORCIST, Director William Friedkan brought her to California.

After enduring four hours of Exorcist/Demon makeup every day, Eileen underwent two hours of makeup for a chimpanzee in the TV show THE PLANET OF THE APES and two hours for Sala, a Neanderthal Woman on the kid show KORG 70,000 BC.

She went “bald” to play a member of Charles Manson’s gang in HELTER SKELTER. Then in the comfortable confines of ABC Studios, she played Sarah, a mental patient, on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Eileen insisted on light makeup, and asked for “foundation, eye liner and a little lipstick, please” — which led viewers of this number one soap opera to identify with little Sarah.

With such a varied career, it is for her portrayal in The Exorcist that Eileen is coming to Misty Moon.


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