Belinda Balaski


Belinda Balaski was born in California with acting skills instilled at birth, she began working from the age of five.

The daughter of a famous jockey, Lester Balaski, Belinda’s youth was spent travelling the racetrack circuit, water skiing, or in the theatre. Her mother sang with the big bands from the 30’s on. These electric energies obviously lit that special spark, as throughout Belinda’s career (which was prefaced by a 7 page theatrical resume), she has starred in many feature films, movies of the week, commercials along with starring guest roles in dozens of TV shows.

Belinda was honoured with an Emmy submission for starring in a Best After School Special, “The Runaways,” she later received two Emmy submissions for starring in “Are You My Mother” with Michael York and “Proud Men” with Charleton Heston and Peter Strauss. Her theatre expertise earned her the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award, and two Robbies. Don Knotts, Nick Nolte, Charleton Heston, and Cloris Leachman are just some of the famous actors Belinda has starred along side throughout her impressive career.

Belinda’s more memorable roles include a hippie chick in the hilariously made-for-TV hoot “The Werewolf of Woodstock” with Andy Stevens, and Lynda Carter’s sweet best gal pal Essie in her first film “Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw,” an imperiled pregnant woman again with Marjoe Gortner in H. G. Well’s “The Food of the Gods,” along with Robert Carradine’s surfer girl in the cross country road race romp “Cannonball.”

Belinda has starred in a dozen Joe Dante films; her best-ever Dante parts are a summer camp counsellor in “Piranha,” a spunky go-getter News Producer in the cult classic “The Howling,” a roasting wife in “Amazon Women on the Moon,” and a harried working class mother in the wonderfully raucous “Gremlins I & II.”

Among other TV shows Belinda has guest starred in are Baywatch, Eerie, Indiana, Father Dowling Mysteries, Falcon Crest, Our House, Simon & Simon, Hunter, The A-Team, Vega$, Starsky and Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, S.W.A.T., and Baretta, among a slew of others.

In the late 80’s Belinda created BB’s Kids Acting School where she teaches both kids, teenagers, and adults in theatrical, commercial and musical workshops; passing on the knowledge she has acquired throughout her four decades in the entertainment industry, and starting such young icons as Amanda Cosgrove (at 4yrs), Vanessa Lee Chester (My Little Princess, Jurassic Park, Harriet the Spy, etc), and David Mazouz (Touch). Belinda also wrote and produced “The T-Files,” with her more advanced teens, which has had three very successful theatrical productions in Hollywood!

Belinda also  created and ran the Drama Department in a private school for children with autism/aspergers for 3 years. With 20+ years of shooting Rock n Roll, Belinda hopes to publish soon, as she has also spent the last few years finishing her novel “Shadooneh” with writing partner Bahram Rabii, along with gathering 25 years worth of acting scenes she’s written for her BB’s Kids students to publish for acting schools, workshops and auditions.

Belinda is coming to Misty Moon in March 2014 for a showcase to celebrate her art, photography and her film career.