Sally Geeson


Petite, raven haired and fresh faced, Sally Geeson is best remembered for her role in the television series “Bless This House” (1971) playing the part of Sally Abbott, opposite Sid James and Diana Coupland.

She was perfectly cast in the 1972 Carry On caper, Carry on Abroad, playing the part of Lily, along with her friend Marge played by Carol Hawkins. Both their characters head for the Spanish island of Ells Bells in the film, in search of a man to fall in love with.

Her success in this Carry On film, followed with another appearance in Carry on Girls (1973) playing a domineering television production assistant.

Once retired from acting, Sally found a new life as a school teacher.

Sally Has Become One Of The Honorary Patrons Of The Misty Moon Film Society



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