Rutanya Alda


Rutanya Alda’s career has ranged from horror to comedy to drama, having appeared in over 80 feature films and numerous television guest stars.

The horror fans love her for Amityville2:the Possession, When a Stranger Calls, A Girls Nite Out, The Dark Half, and The Stuff. Rutanya has also co-starred with Robert DeNiro in the Oscar winning film The Deerhunter. In her early career she worked with such notable film directors as Elia Kazan and Sam Peckinpah.

Rutanya is a favourite in the cult film Mommie Dearest where she plays Carol Ann, companion and housekeeper to Fay Dunaway’s character of Joan Crawford.

Rutanya has done numerous guest star appearances on the television shows Law and Order, Cold Case, CSI, Tales from the Crypt, Judging Amy, JAG, as well as many others.

Rutanya recently appeared off Broadway on Theatre Row on 42 street in the comedy Murder at the Howard Johnsons, as well as a revival of the Tennessee Williams plays in 6 by Tenn. She also recently finished two 30 minute short films to be submitted for film festivals this summer.

Rutanya was born in Riga, Latvia and grew up in the Displaced persons camps in Germany. She came to the United States as a refugee when she was 12 years old and learned to speak English by going to the movies from 11 am till the last show ended at 11pm, surviving on popcorn and old gum. She came to New York as a young actress and studied with all the great teachers of the era. She studies still and considers the artist as an ever growing human being who need to be not separated from the everyday man. Rutanya loves her work and is inspired by the humanity she sees in life. She finds great joy in giving the audience escape and pleasure for a brief period of time.

Misty Moon Event

  • The Misty Moon International Film Festival – Halloween 2013