The Return Of Richard Kiel – 28th November 2013

Just like JAWS making a comeback in Moonraker to fight James Bond, the wonderful Richard Kiel returned to Misty Moon to wow the audience with another evening of chat about his legendary career.

Michael Barber was MC for the evening and Richard thrilled a packed Misty Moon Gallery of stories about The Monkies, sharks, and a 7 foot lady that was going to be JAWS’s girlfriend until Richard intervened.  The chemistry between Richard and Michael was electric and you could see that Mr Barber would make a very good Bond villian !!!

Richard enjoyed meeting the audience and signing copies of his autobiography and many photos.  Richard also enjoyed fish and chips and a margarita or 2.

We so look forward to Richard returning…….”Till The Next Time Mr Bond……….”

Official Photographs Taken By John Gaffen & Hrastic Imagery