Vera Day


Vera Day entered the world of show business at the age of 19, she auditioned for ‘Wish You Were Here’ an American musical about a holiday camp. They needed singers and dancers who looked good in a bikini. Vera was untrained in both singing and dancing but was chosen for her looks in a bikini !

Val Guest was at the opening night and left a note at the stage door to contact him. This resulted in Vera being given a part in the movie he was making called ‘Dance Little Lady’.
That episode changed Vera’s entire life and started her off on the road to fame.

Film parts just kept coming up for Vera and she never stopped working. In order to accept the roles she had to obtain permission from Jack Hylton to whom she was under contract.
Jack insisted that Vera sign a further contract for 2 more future shows, which she had no choice, so she signed.

It was hard work, at the studio at the crack of dawn, until 6 o’clock when Vera was whisked away to the theatre and performed on stage till 11 o’clock or sometimes even later, then home to East Ham where she still lived with her parents for a few hours sleep.

Vera’s one day off was spent at the BBC where she was playing the part of Jane in the radio series ‘The Huggets’.

During this time, Vera was photographed constantly and became Britain’s No. 1 pin up.

Vera is still working and enjoys new challenges and appearances

Vera’s numerous Film and TV appearances include Hell Drivers, Quatermass, Too Many Crooks, A Stitch In Time and Lock Stock.


Misty Moon Event

  • An Evening With Vera Day – 17th August 2013