Nicola Bryant


Nicola Bryant landed the part of the American companion Peri immediately
after she finished attending The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic
Art, in 1983. She first appeared alongside Peter Davison’s fifth Doctor in the
1984 story Planet of Fire which saw the departure of Turlough. This was
immediately followed by Davison’s final story the The Caves of Androzani,
which Doctor Who Magazine voted as their all time favourite story. As the
then soul companion, Nicola enjoyed playing Peri opposite Colin Baker’s
sixth Doctor with whom she became firm friends but after three years it was
time to leave the Tardis.

Since leaving Doctor Who, Nicola has worked extensively in theatre up
and down the country. In London her work ranges from leading roles in the
West End in Killing Jessica at Savoy Theatre, in the award winning Strive at

The Duke of York’s, and in Tom Stoppard’s multi award winning Rock ‘n’
Roll. She has received rave reviews for her work on the Fringe in Lost in
Exile (Zelda Fitzgerald) and Purple Politics in which Nicola played twenty
different characters ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Margaret Thatcher.

She has also made guest appearances in numerous television shows, most
notably as Rowan Atkinson’s niece (Millicent) in Black Adder’s a Christmas
Carol and the award winning comedies 10% ers and My Family (twice); as
well as spending 3 years playing Martine in the BBC series The Biz.

This year, 2013 Nicola toured theatres up and down Great Britain to rave
reviews and standing ovations in “The Trouble With Old Lovers” playing
the lead role of Alice.

On television in the UK she has been the face of Axa Health Insurance in a charming little drama commercial, as well as appearing in the game show “Pointless Celebrities”. Apart from numerous recordings for Big Finish Productions this year she was thrilled to record the award winning novel “The Emergence of Judy Taylor” by Angela Jackson.

Nicola considers her two most controversial roles were playing the royal
correspondent in the drama documentary on Princess Diana’s inquest, There
are Dark Forces and playing God in The Theory of Everything.

Nicola is thrilled to be hosting an evening with herself at Misty Moon and is
looking forward to celebrating the 50th of Doctor Who with so many friends and fans.



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