Melanie Kinnaman


Melanie  Kinnaman began her professional career as a print model  at the age of 15.  A trained dancer at the age of 4, she began performing professionally as a singer, dancer & actress at 16.  Melanie starred in numerous theatre productions and performed in rep theatre in New York City, while also playing small roles in daytime soaps, “Guiding Light”, “As The World Turns”, and “Santa Barbara”.

Melanie studied acting with the great William Esper, Uta Hagan and Kenneth McMillan.  One of her greatest television experiences whilst living in New York was appearing on “Saturday Night Live” playing Cheryl Ladd in “Battle Of The Network Stars” with Gilda Radner and John Belushi. She has starred in numerous commercials & was nominated for a Clio Award for her work in one of the popular “Dr. Pepper” commercials. After singing in a Coca Cola commercial with recording artists “Ashford & Simpson”, Melanie soon found herself “selling” everything from deodrant to “Stove Top Stuffing” !!

Soon after, she moved to Los Angeles in 1981, Melanie joined the cast of “General Hospital” in a recurring role. Then came a prime time TV break with a starring guest role in “Hill Street Blues”, followed by other starring roles in on popular TV shows and Pilots for new shows. TV work soon lead to opportunities on the Big Screen.

After many minor roles in small films, her career began to flourish when she was cast in the role of Starr in the film “Thunder Alley”. Melanie won the of the drug addicted model after a long search by the film’s producers and director.

After the release of “Thunder Alley”, Melanie was asked to audition for a Paramount film, “Repetition”.

After a series of many demanding and emotionally draining auditions, she won the role of Pam Roberts. It was then that Melanie learned the true identity of the project !!
It wa the next chapter in the famous “Friday the 13th” franchise.  Shooting began in October 1984for “Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning”. It truly was a new beginning for Melanie and a life changing experience in every way.

Other film work followed “FT13th Part 5”, as well as many theatre projects. From 1993 – 1999, Melanie was the lead singer for the L.A. based pop group “Bliss”. When she is not working on film or TV projects, Melanie always goes back to her first love; the theatre.  She has starred in the one-woman show “Blond, Black & Blue”. An autobiographical musical about life, loves and other misconceptions !!

Melanie will be making her first visit to the Misty Moon and the UK in November for an evening dedicated to her career and her most famous role t date the chainsaw wielding Pam Roberts.


Misty Moon Events

  • An Evening With Melanie Kinnaman -18th November 2013