Mark Patton

Actor & Artist

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 was released in 1985; I am the star of that film. I played a character named Jesse Walsh and little did I know the effect he would have on my life. Jesse has been with me throughout my life, good times and bad… In every relationship in my life there comes a moment when the person will ask “did you…?” after that affirmative answer I become slightly different to the person.

Throughout my life I have heard “I love it”, “I hated it”, “I never saw it” (“I hate horror movies”, I never believe those people). For many years Jesse, me and Nightmare On Elm Street 2 have been labelled the odd guys out in the Nightmare On Elm Street series, the worst according to some.

Gay is always a word that arrives in the Nightmare On Elm Street 2 conversation. In 2011 OUT magazine named Nightmare On Elm Street 2 the gayest Horror Film of all time, besting The Eyes of Laura Mars, a personal favourite of mine. I have been listed among the top Scream Queens of all time, in many polls beating out even my dear friend Heather Langenkamp.

After completion of Never Sleep Again, a well received documentary about Nightmare On Elm Street, I began to travel the world, signing autographs speaking and headlining a panel with such horror notables as Heather, PJ Soles, Linnea Quigly and Beverly Randolf in the SCREAM QUEENS for Days of the Dead.

Let’s say I have heard Nightmare On Elm Street 2 from every angle, discussed it like the Talmud, defended it and I believe helped restore it to the place it belongs as the best among the series.

This is my final answer to all of you who asked if I liked the ending. Was Jesse Gay? Was Fred Gay? Did you know? Do you feel like you are a part of the real Nightmare On Elm Street series?

The answers maybe revealed at The Misty Moon Gallery.

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