Danielle Harris


After a twenty-year hiatus starring as “Jamie Lloyd” in HALLOWEEN IV & V, and to the delight of horror fans everywhere, Danielle Harris returned to the HALLOWEEN franchise – this time starring as “Annie Bracket” in the Dimension Films, Rob Zombie-directed of the classic HALLOWEEN.  Danielle reprised her role once again, in HALLOWEEN II, which premiered in theatres in August 28th 2009.

It has been quite a busy year for Danielle.  Most recently, she starred as “Marybeth”, opposite horror greats Kane Hodder, and Zach Galligan in HATCHET III, the much-anticipated sequel to HATCHET II among many other genre films that have yet to be released.

Some of her favorites that are just about to be released are, “The Victim” starring Michael Biehn, “The Ghost of Goodnight Lane” opposite Billy Zane, and “Fatal Call” opposite Jason London and Kevin Sorbo.

Danielle’s vampire drama, STAKELAND with Kelly McGilles, premiered at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival in 2010, taking home the “audience choice award.”

Danielle also lent her voice as the lead character of “Barbara” in the animated feature film, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, as well as the character of “Half Pipe” opposite Lance Henricksen and Bill Mosley, in the animated feature film, “GODKILLER”.  She also starred in the web series, FEAR CLINIC, for FearNet and Lions Gate. She starred in the series alongside Robert Englund and Kane Hodder.  FEAR CLINIC premiered on Comcast, and drew multi millions of viewers.

Having had many long cold nights filled with blood and tears on set as an actress, Danielle decided it was time to step behind the camera and Direct her first feature film “Among Friends.” Among Friends is a twister horror about a dinner party gone terribly wrong. “This dinner party is gonna be KILLER…”

In January 2013, Danielle will be launching HorrorGal.com, an “all-things horror” website that breaks the boundaries between fan and star and gives genre lovers VIP access to their favorite scream queens and on screen killers alike! The response among her already huge fan base has been overwhelming. The site promises to be the hip, innovative, and the go-to-spot for contemporary horror fans to get all the goods they need without breaking the bank and travelling hours to their local horror convention.

Danielle Harris is one of few actresses to have made a successful transition from child star to ingénue.  While she is considered the most recognizable and in demand female star in the horror genre, her list of credits is extensive and diverse. She began working at the age of seven when she landed her first job on the hit series SPENCER FOR HIRE, which led to a contract role on the ABC daytime drama ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Danielle then came to Los Angeles for pilot season.  Two days after arriving, instead of booking a pilot, she landed one of the lead roles in the feature film DON’T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER’S DEAD.  She never left.  She went on to star in such films as FREE WILLY, CITY SLICKERS, MARKED FOR DEATH, THE LAST BOYSCOUT, DAYLIGHT, and URBAN LEGEND.

Danielle’s television career has been equally successful.  Some of the highlights include series regular roles on ROSEANNE and THAT’S LIFE, recurring roles on ER and BROOKLYN SOUTH, numerous Guest Star appearances, as well as the lead in MOW’s including “DON’T TOUCH MY DAUGHTER,” “THE WOMAN WHO LOVED ELVIS,” and the very popular Disney feature, “WISH UPON A STAR”.

Danielle was also the voice of “Sierra” on the NBC series FATHER OF THE PRIDE and is the voice of “Debbie Thornberry” on the Nickelodeon animated series, THE WILD THORNBERRYS.  The huge success of the animated series prompted Paramount Pictures to turn the highly successful series into two full-length feature films, “THE WILD THORNBERRIES MOVIE” and “THE RUGRATS GO WILD.”  Both animated feature films were highly successful.

In her spare time, Danielle enjoys cooking, “The S-Factor” pole dancing, ballet
barre class, and spends time with her friends and her rescue Pit bull Thor

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