Gwen Jenner


Gwen was born in New York in 1961.

Unpigeonholable perhaps, constant however. Ink drawings, and paintings drawn from an eclectic mix of sources plus 3 dimensional non figurative objects form the basis of her artwork for the last 30 years.

The images range from the representational often with a humorous element to the abstraction of forms, colours and textures to create an object of curiosity.

Oil paint portraits, unique ink drawings and mixed media sculptures sometimes created from the chaos of surprise, afford me an infinite range of exciting and challenging subjects. Life’s vertiable encyclopedia of material certainly pricks up the ears.

Whilst belonging to the CAPM and IASG and exhibiting regularly, commissions for portraits, objects and drawings form an element of the work practice.  The pieces have been purchased by collectors from far and wide spanning the American and European continents and continually suffice to awaken a host for different reactions.


Misty Moon Exhibitions