The Return Of Sally Geeson – 6th April 2013

On Saturday the 6th April the lovely Sally Geeson returned to The Misty Moon Gallery for a night dedicated To The Oblong Box.

Sally who is a Honorary Patron of The Misty Moon Film Society talked about the classic horror film she starred in.

Set in England 1865, the film stars Horror Legends Christopher Lee and Vincent Price, and is about a wealthy aristocrat Julian Markham who keeps his disfigured brother, Sir Edward, locked in a tower in his house. Occasionally Sir Edward escapes and causes havoc in the village. Sally played the maid who is called Sally.

The Q&A was chaired by Misty Moon’s regular Mistress of Ceremonies Anna Nield and the audience were captivated by Sally’s stories of these Horror Legends.  We also had a coffin in the gallery to add to the atmosphere.

Sally very kindly gave all the audience a copy taken of the original call sheet from one of her day’s filming on the movie, which she signed for everyone.

Sally will be returning to Misty Moon in October as one of our Scream Queen Judges for this year’s Misty Moon International Film Festival.

Official Photographs Taken By John Gaffen