The Misty Moon Festival – June 2013

A Tribute Night To Richard Brooker – Saturday the 8th June 2013

After the very sad passing of Richard J Brooker in April, The Misty Moon Film Society are holding a very special evening dedicated to Richard @ The Misty Moon Gallery On Saturday the 8th June. This is the date that Richard was going to come to the gallery for a celebration of his photography & Friday the 13th Part 3.

The evening will include video messages recorded by Richard’s fellow cast members and friends. There will also be a special auction of rare and signed memorabilia that has been donated by the Friday the 13th Alumni and Richard’s friends

All Proceeds From This Night Will Be Going To a Trust Fund for Richard’s children.

Weird Lies – Sunday the 9th June 6 – 9pm

There’s something about Liar’s League that brings out the wildness in the writer’s imaginations. Here we explore myth, fantasy, science fiction, and the indefinable “what the….” that makes up Weird.

In true Liars’s League fashion there is as much humour as there is darkness and poignancy. More than twenty tales varying in style from stories not ot of place in One Thousand & One Nights, to the completely bemusing.

Discover mirrors that predict the immediate future and museums where your personal future is exhibited in the kind of ephemeral objects that mightusually find their way intoa dustbin.

Meet tadpoles, lazy assassins, and assiduous poisoners, observe deals with the devil, & workplace stress taken to its logical conclusion.

Heroes, villain, and animals – anything and anyone could provide the twist in the tale – cursed travellers, persistent dreamers, aliens, robots and even ice might be the object, or source, of love.


The Return Of Madeline Smith – Saturday the 15th June 2013

After her successful evening @ The Misty Moon Gallery in February the super Madeline Smith is returning for an evening of chat and film dedicated to The Amazing Mr Blunden.

There will be a special installation upstairs in the gallery which will also be part of a treasure hunt for the children. Q&A will be chaired by Misty Moon’s Mistress of Ceremonies Anna Nield.

So come along and spend a magical time at The Misty Moon Gallery.

Doors: 6pm

Event: 6.30pm

Musical Doodles n’ Oddles Of Love

Hello festival goer at The Misty Moon… on Sunday 16th of June 😉

Who can blame you for wanting to curl up with your blanket on or even under the sofa (I know I will be taking my blanket with me wherever I go)
Or if it’s sunny… Light up your barbecue, even just to reheat your leftover Saturday pizza 😉
But why don’t you bring your blankets and curl up at the Misty Moon for some Sunday festivities with us all instead?

For my show: Musical Doodles n Oodles of Love

I will be singing and strumming on the guitar, those wee ditties that usually come to me between sleep n waking up…  and a bit of natty chatty with thoughts n anecdotes in between…
Ooo then if the feeling is right I will get some non-compulsory interactive
improv creation happening between us all… Ooo it will be fun 😉
But only with those of us who fancy it mind you…
So please do join us… I will fluff up the pillows n carve up the cake… I will bring sweeties or flowers and other surprises.. And I will bring Love x plenty of misguided Love xxx
Ereni Mendrinos

Bill Moody

Bill, does he tell story’s through poetry or does he do poetry through story-telling? Whatever it is, it’s nice and twisty and has a beginning, middle and often an end…

Bartle Sawbridge

“Bring your favourite poems on the theme: “Gothic or Ghoulish”, to read to other poetry lovers. Or just come and listen with a drink.


Official Photographs Taken Through The Festival By John Gaffen