An Evening With Anita Harris – 20th October 2012

As part of The Misty Moon Movie Club we are proud to present An Evening With Anita Harris.

With her beautiful looks and wonderful singing voice Anita is instantly recognisable as one of our most loved entertainers.

We are holding a unique evening’s entertainment with Anita in the cosy and intimate setting of The Misty Moon Gallery. We will be screening Carry On Doctor and Anita will then take part in a special Q&A.

“The popular Dr Kilmore is sacked after being discovered in a compromising position on the roof of the nurses’ home. The patients are determined not to lose him, and so take on the might of the “cutting” Dr Tinkle and the overpowering Matron. Francis Bigger, ‘preacher and healer’, ends up in hospital in this chaotic Carry-on medical movie. With Dr. Kilmore in trouble, Matron refuses to support him after the amorous attentions she has fed Dr. Tinkle have paid off. There’s a humorous but slight role for Charles Hawtrey suffering from a sympathetic pregnancy and the film closes with the patients revenge on Dr. Tinkle and the formidable Matron because of their conspiracy against Dr. Kilmore.”

Anita plays Nurse Clarke who is in love with Doctor Kilmore.

After the screening of this classic film, there will be a chance for autographs and photographs.

Chairing the Q&A for the evening, will be Misty Moon’s Director Stuart Morriss.

Tickets for this unique event are extremely limited with only 50 available.

Mr Biddle: “Nurse, I dream’t about you last night”
Nurse Clarke: “Did you ?”
Mr Biddle: “No you wouldn’t let me ” ………… Mr Biddle and Nurse Clarke – Carry On Doctor 1967

Official Photographs Taken By Hrastic Imagery & John Gaffen During An Evening With Anita Harris