A Weekend With Hollywood 80s Babe Diane Franklin – July 2013

On a very hot and sultry weekend in July, Misty Moon held a whole weekend with the ultimate 80s babe Diane Franklin.

Over 4 nights, Diane held her Q&As dedicated to her most prolific movies, Friday saw us talking about Better Off Dead, Saturday we were frightened with stories about Amityville 2: The Possession, Sunday saw the audience discussing morality after The Last American Virgin and on Monday everything was Excellent Dude with Bill & Ted.

Diane wowed the audiences each night and kept them captivated with her wonderful stories and her infectious personality.  Even Fred Kruger and Jason Voorhees popped in too see her.

We were also very lucky to have Diane’s daughter Olivia Delaurantis with us and each evening we screened one of Olivia’s films.

Diane signed copies of her biography and many photographs.  We look forward to Diane coming back to Misty Moon very soon.

Official Photographs Taken By John Chase & Rhiannon Ifans

Video Recorded By Paul Muscat On Sunday the 7th July – The Last American Virgin