Carola Mathers


Carola has been painting in watercolours for many years; her first solo show was over 15 years ago. Carola uses the wet on wet technique, in which the colour moves over the page with the water, merging to produce abstract imagery. About 10 years ago Carola started painting in oils as this gave her more control over colour and texture. Carola is currently working with mixed media. She uses found objects from walks in the country or on the beach, or discarded objects such as shredded paper.

The process begins with a more or less random placing of materials on canvas or paper. The work is then ‘stained’ using ink which allows the folds to become more visible. When more ink or oil paint is added, shapes begin to appear. Sooner or later a theme will emerge that strikes the artist’s eye. The conscious ego does not impose any form, rather, it finds it. The ego stands aside to allow the unconscious to emerge, hence the forms which appear are unusual and captivating.  As a Jungian psychoanalyst this technique suits Carola very well; she is used to giving space to the unknown and welcomes the macabre. Many of her paintings represent archetypal themes.

As well as living and working in London, Carola is a member of SEAS, an artists’ group based in Deal, East Kent, where she has a studio. Carola has been featured in the local paper, and takes part in the Open Studios in Kent in the summer.


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