John Gaffen

Official Exhibition & Event Photographer   John Gaffen

After 25 years as a medical research scientist, John left the laboratory behind him, to explore his interests in the visual arts.

John now runs his own photography business (White Windmill Photography) where he has been supplying and selling high-quality images to stock photography agencies since 2004.

John has made sales and fulfilled commissions with a variety of different private and corporate clients and, although he is largely self-taught, John successfully completed ‘The Art of Photography’, a course run by the Open College of the Arts.
Art photography and digital art have become major interests, and John was a member of the Tea Leaf Arts Co-operative for two years, where he had several successful exhibitions. John has also exhibited his work several times at the Misty Moon Gallery.

Next to photography, is John’s love of the cinema – he has attended almost all of the Misty Moon Film Society events – and John feels privileged to photograph the special guests and exhibition previews held at the Misty Moon gallery, where art and film come together in this unique venue