Sophia Jenner-Ludbrook


Sophia is a London-based artist specialising in film. She studied Time-Based Media at Wimbledon College of Art after completing a foundation course at Chelsea College of Art and Design.  The themes of her work focus on the fragility of the human mind, incorporating elements of gothic horror.  She has done extensive research into destructive medial conditions, such as psychopathy, and the resultant effects it has on a person’s perception of the world.  Her later work has centred on the concept of purgatory and its relationship with heaven and hell.

The Purgatory Within centers around the concept of a purgatory inside one’s own mind. It has been one of her most ambitious projects to date – spending months in Kyoto working with two Japanese students to create the piece, Sophia and the students were only able to communicate via sketches as they did not speak one another’s language. Its unique blend of Eastern and Western styles result in a piece imbued with cultural hybridism, while the strong illusory aspects serve to emote a sense of disorientation in the audience.

The Purgatory Within… 極めて環状的な嗜好, その体内

This is a re-edited version of the film I made in Japan (Kyoto) with two lovely Japanese students, Eri Hayashi and Nao Isoda. Music is altered slightly by myself, and is originally by:
Javier Navarrete
Rachel Portman
Tyler Bates

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