Simon Birch


Simon Bircher has always taken photographs since he was a child. Simon usually takes photographs of the British landscape. He particularly loves British woodland and the seafront. He also loves urban decay, abstracts and natural patterns which he finds everywhere that he goes.

Simon went to art school (Ravensbourne College Of Art & Design) when he was younger, where he would paint woodland landscapes, but in his spare time he made video, which led to an interest in sound. Simon produced, mixed and toured for some time before he settled into teaching and lecturing for ten years. Now, he has returned his focus to his artwork and has recently made the effort to survive self-employed.

Some of the works you see here are kaleidoscopic images based on some of the many woodland photographs that Simon has captured in the South of England. The images are built from the original photographs on the computer, and then printed using the Giclée process on high-quality paper.

Simon also does design work and illustration, which you can see on his website.

Simon is also a keen musician and sound designer too, and he writes a blog abouthis passion.

Simon is currently based in South London.


Misty Moon Exhibition