Rosie Still


I started off as a photojournalist photographing and interviewing pop stars and TV celebrities for teenage magazines; people like the Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Marc Bolan, Alvin Stardust, Suzi Quatro etc. I also worked with people like Dudley Moore, Victoria Wood, Polly James, Nerys Hughes … the list is endless. In 1984 I was booked to do a one-off session with Humphrey Lyttelton and Helen Shapiro and ended up being Humph’s personal photographer for 24 years until he died in 2008. Although I do all types of studio sessions, for the past 15 years my real passion has become publicity shots for actors and presenters. Chris Jarvis (CBeebies), Christopher Parker (ex-Eastenders) and Charlie Clements (ex-Eastenders) all came to me for their first photo sessions. I’m not saying that I made them famous, but my photos of them were the first things that the BBC saw! Over the years I’ve photographed in my studio many famous people (including Debra Stephenson, Bella Emberg, Liz Fraser, the late Henry McGee, etc).

7 years ago Olympus gave me the opportunity to go digital, by asking me to test try their latest DSLR camera and once I mastered the art of producing darkroom quality prints from my computer printer, I’ve not looked back. A lot of Agents and Drama Schools send people my way because they know that I will take exactly the kind of photos that they want – nothing arty farty, no trees coming out of their heads, and no floating heads! – just lovely clear shots showing their clients at their very best; whether mean and moody or smiley (I take lots of shots of both) – but with that extra ‘sparkle’.

You don’t survive in a business for over 38 years if you ain’t doing something right!


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