Rik Berry


Rik has been involved with art nearly all of his life but only discovered pottery about five years ago, of which the last four years he has attended the Brockley Centre‘s evening classes.

Rik developed his style fairly early on and, at this stage, ceramic sculpture is what fascinates him. Rik’s main subjects to date are Norse myths, folklore and legend, gods and fairy tales. Rik’s sketchbooks are overflowing with ideas which provide constant inspiration and starting points. Sometimes, an idea will pop into his head fully formed and he’ll start building it there and then, ignoring the sketchbook completely. As much as a healthy sketchbook is a vital piece of pottery equipment, at times, what comes out, just comes out, without much say from him.

Rik’s criteria for everything he makes is that it is essentially made to please him, whether it is a commission, a present or is ultimately to sell. This ensures that he continues to enjoy the process of creating unique, entirely hand-built pieces.

Rik would encourage everybody to have a go at pottery. If you’ve never tried it before, or only mucked around a bit with it at school, join a class and give it go, you’ll be surprised where it may take you. He wishes he’d done it years ago!

Rik’s influences are: Gustav Vigeland, NC Wyeth, Caravaggio, Michael Sowa, Ray Harryhausen, Carl Giles, Edmund Dulac, myths, folklore and legends.

Rik takes commissions.


Misty Moon Exhibition