Lidia Misfit


Lidia is an artist who likes to paint horror, gothic and pin up pieces.  Lidia’s style is quite cartoonist but she also veers towards more realistic interpretations at times.  Sometimes Lydia is inspired by photos of particular models and transforms them into monsters of our nightmares like zombies, vampires, femme fatale killers etc . Lydia also likes to use scenes from horror films and represent them in her own way. Lately, she has also been working on a horror comic called “Macabrella” which she hopes to publish soon. Lydia’s favourite muse is music, without it she could not create anything. Her paintings are traditional as opposed to digital art, Lydia thinks that nothing is better than a blank sheet of paper, brushes and  paint!

In the last year Lydia has started to show in some art galleries around London, her first performance was in 2011; “Martyrs Art Exhibition” at the Elevator gallery with a group of international artists.

In 2013, Lydia is doing another show at the Islington Art Factory, where she will exhibit not only her work but she is also the curator of the event.

Lydia also has a small shop online shop, where people can buy prints and original artwork, and you can also find her work on Facebook, where you can view most of her work.

Lydia also works on a commission basis, for anyone who requests particular paintings in her own style.


Misty Moon Exhibitions

  • Halloween Exhibition & International Film Festival