Laura Piglowska


‘There is no next big thing only a multifaceted ever-changing thing called dance that, at its core, is humanistic. Behind the big business and commercial façade, there is only tribal rhythm’.

(Nathan Brett, from ‘The Art Of The Club Flyer’)

Laura was born in 1972 in the Cotswolds and has been living and breathing London for the past 15 years. Laura studied at the University Of Wales Institute, Cardiff from 1994-1997. This was at the height of the clubbing scene and to sum it up the hedonistic film ‘Human Traffic’ was shot in the college bar at Howard Gardens.

The nature of Laura’s work reflects an ongoing study concerning dance, movement, escapism and club culture, spanning from the early eighties illegal raves to the nineties escalating indoor club scene. Laura really wanted to capture the essence of this moment, and emulate the feeling of euphoria felt. There was togetherness during this time, a scene!

Laura has been experimenting with the interiors of clubs; distorting them and augmenting them to create a backdrop for the moving figure, whilst partially painting the female form to convey the energy expressed through dance.

Laura is influenced by Goethe’s colour theory. One particular element that has been of great importance is the relationship between colours to the pitch of a musical note. Goethe believes all the senses are linked; hearing, sight and taste. By putting this theory into practice it enables Laura to introduce a musical element into her work, which is needed to convey dance.

Dancing is about escapism, being free and in tune with your emotions whilst feeling a sense of rhythm. It is an individual feeling but at the same time you feel a sense of togetherness. We can all do it; it’s sexy and makes you feel alive.

Laura has long believed in escaping the constraints of modern life and has extensively travelled the world. Laura’s latest venture took her travelling to Indonesia, the Andaman Islands, India and Nepal for one year with her husband and three year old daughter. This has lead to a new body of work that focuses on capturing light in vast landscapes.


‘Bocabar’- Bristol
‘Indo’- Whitechapel
Ashridge business college -Hemel Hempstead.


BA in Fine Arts University of Wales Institute, Cardiff 1994-1997

Misty Moon Exhibition

  • The Winter Exhibition – 2012