Josie Cappello


Josie Cappello was born in 1979 in Sicily in a town called Catania.

Since Josie can remember she has always loved art, especially painting with oils on canvas.

Josie took up Art and Design at secondary school and then her painting really became her hobby, painting wall murals at home.  She stopped painting for a couple of years whilst raising her family.

Josie has recently started to paint again and she loves the use of colours and tends to paint when she is feeling a particular emotion.  Josie is inspired by the beauty of nature and her paintings are all on canvas using oils.  Her art is often not planned and just spontaneous, often describing her mood in which she uses colour to interpretate the emotion she is feeling at that very moment.

Josie has a particular passion for the sun, moon and flowers and they are often seen in her paintings.

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