Jayne Anita Smith


After living and working in South East London for most of my life, in 2003 I took the decision to relocate to Cornwall. I had always been involved in arts and crafts in some form, including window dressing, interior design, special paint effects, framing and wedding cake design and decoration. However, after a trip with my daughter to London’s Cork Street as part of research for her A Levels, I came across an exhibition by the artist Kurt Jackson which absolutely blew me away and opened my eyes to the world of art and the possibilities that were waiting for me to uncover. It proved to be my defining eureka moment and the start of a long journey as an artist.

The transient world in which we live bombards us with unfiltered imagery and information, overloading and blocking the channels that allow our thoughts and feelings to find expression. My work is about the search for the space in which to find meaning and a primitive need to connect once more with an environment that will feed our ‘inner core’.

I am drawn to wastelands; marginal spaces on the outer limits of our society that are removed from the rules and restrictions of day to day living. Devoid of all the noise and image pollutants that crowd in on us, these spaces provide an unexpected sanctuary, room to breathe and think about the bigger issues in life, about our own mortality, our history and our future; room to listen to our internal whisperings as a way of making sense of the world. What was it we hoped for? What was the world we thought we could have?


Misty Moon Exhibitions