Jae Bum, Lee


I like to create something that I can not only see but also physically touch & feel. As like   other artists, my works begin from my personal interpretation of nature because every day I see fascinating images in the ordinary environment surrounding me.

These images look different at different times, depending on my mood.  Sometimes those images become faint before my eyes and sometimes they show themselves very vividly. As I find an interesting image from the nature, I directly sketch at first and transform the image in an abstract stripe design for my hand weaving. Then I carefully choose materials for both warp & weft of my weaving loom.

Creating new weave structure is another joy of my work. Combing each thread based on my weave structure & material, my inspiration of nature become actual piece of fabric that contains the beauty of particular texture & colour. Creating new weave structure for the fabric is another interesting work for me. Through this process, my abstract image becomes an interesting piece of fabric that I can touch & feel…

I love this process and this is why I continue to work with weaving.

As a practical way, I have expected my works as a focal point in the space that can be furniture or interior fabrics. My hand weaving works that I am going to show at the Misty Moon Gallery in London are the result of my precious observation of my nature.


Misty Moon Exhibition