Izabela Nowicka-Piaskowska


Izabela started to paint, sculpture and draw ever since she can remember.
Her first appropriate creation came to life when Izabela was 3 years old. It was a drawing of a landscape done with a red crayon on the wall of her neighbour’s corridor,
because of her passion for it and her interests towards art, Izabela decided to shape and perfect the skill and her workshop, as well at an art college in her home town. Izabela also obtained a masters degree in cultural studies.

Izabela has done a wide palette of miscellaneous works including:

interior decorating, hand-crafted artistic jewellery, furniture decorating, pottery, fashion designing at various underground shows of the polish fashion scenes – awarded 1st  place twice, painting exhibitions, pottery and clay sculpture exhibitions

All of Izabela’s inspirations comes from the human form as the most interesting and astonishing shape ever created by nature, it’s simplicity of form and complexed character of the inside.

Misty Moon Exhibition

  • The Last Day’s Of Winter