Gemma Latimer


A freelance illustrator and visiting illustration at Goldsmiths University of London, Gemma Latimer’s work has featured in ad campaigns, editorials and on the London Underground – with clients including BAFTA, The Times, Marie Claire, Ted Baker, Classic FM, The Radio Times, TBWA and The Irish Times.

Inspired by Circuses, Victoriana, and Surrealism her practice combines the past and present through a mixture of found imagery, illustration, photography and drawing. Creating her work by hand, she frequents second hand shops, car boot sales and markets to build up her ever-growing archive of second hand books, magazines, photographs and postcards. Gemma likes her illustration to have a certain tangibility, a quality that cannot be captured by digital means alone, even if that is as small as a blob of ink, crease in a page or a smudge on a photocopy.

By making connections with subjects she finds interesting and exploring trails of thought and questions about our sense of reality, Gemma’s collages often feature dream like states and a sense of escapism.


Misty Moon Exhibition

  • The Winter Exhibition