Francis Charlton


Subversive * Socio-political * Erotik * Satirical

Poet, philosopher, Francis has exhibited in numerous London venues including London Post with 60’s Retro Nostalgia; Freud gallery with his Dead Blonds series; Vexed Generation with the Bar-code Nudes set and in many other solo and group shows.

His last two shows were well received & his current series uses religious images as comment(s) on contemporary society. Selected pieces of his work are currently on show at the gallery.

Francis is currently working on a sequel to his book: ‘Confessions of a London Boulevardier. Excerpts from an Artists’ (so-called) Life.’

A diary, set in London, of a contemporary artist and his adventures in the art world as he avoids putting his new show together. (‘Adventures of a London Boulevardier,’ will be published Spring 2014)

His previous novels featuring graffiti artist Wanksta are available from Amazon Books.