Elle Mackereth


Elle was born in 1974 in an old air raid shelter. From there she moved all over England and Scotland gathering her most moving, uplifting, tragic, life changing experiences. Pushed from a young age by her father, Elle developed a deep passion for art and all that surrounds it. He unwittingly gave her the strength and courage to pursue her one true love.

From an very early age Elle has drawn inspiration from nature, the very nature of her up-brings and surrounding environments. As she grew, she began to discover her own styles and for most parts is self taught, gaining experience from life itself. Elle paints in many styles, not being afraid of where her creative train of thought takes her.
Elle’s work, for most part, is incredibly personal to her life. Her work can be harsh, erotic, loving, but mostly meaningful. Elle has over the years enjoyed exhibitions in Brighton, Winchester and Salisbury.

Elle’s influences: In her words

She has many varying influences, the surrealist movement being a subject with which she has always connected. She has a love of the obscure, erotic, realistic and the subconscious! She enjoyed studying many artists, A few of her favourites being: The writings Andre Breton (NADJA, The surrealist Manifesto’s) George Bataille (The story of the Eye – 1929. The works of Hans Bellmer, the erotic writings of the Marquis De Sade (first published in 1797, died in 1814) many of the early feminist painters, and foremost, the brilliant FRIDA KAHLO: For her unique determination, drive and honest fragility. No matter how much pain, anguish and heartache, her paintings appear to have given her the most amazing inner strength. Of course Elle admires her art, subject and individual style. To quote Frida, “I never painted my dreams, I painted my own reality”.

Misty Moon Exhibitions

  • The Last Day’s Of Winter Exhibition