Doctor Karen Oughton

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Karen’s paintings reflect her family background in occultism (though she was baptised over a sink by her former Roman-Catholic priest father) and her research interests in folklore, gender and physical transformation. They also reflect horror theory as well as often being autobiographical.

She is heavily influenced by the work of Pieter Bruegel (particularly “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus), just about anything by Hieronymus Bosch and the work of Stephen King.

Sections of Karen’s work are painted after she has placed herself in a trance. Sometimes she begins the painting with a theme in mind, other times she picks a colour for inspiration, other times she simply puts herself into the trance and simply sees what happens afterwards.

Karen works mainly in water colour and her pictures are often very colourful. People sometimes feel they can see other images within Karen’s paintings that Karen is not aware of having put there.

Variety is a key to her work, however, and there is often a level of sarcastic and sometimes outright crude humour in her painting. She has also been known to complete classical still life depictions as well as surrealism and abstract material.


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