Cheryl Fallon

Photographic Artist

Cheryl Fallon is a self taught photographic artist based in scenic central Pennsylvania. Growing up, she lived in Ipswich, England, Panama City, Florida and Dover, Delaware. She graduated from college with a bachelor of science degree in biology. At the age of 10 she developed a fascination for the world of the camera. She was particularly drawn to black and white film. She would take pictures of everything and particularly enjoyed dressing her younger sister in costumes as a princess or fairy and photographing her.

It wasn’t until she met her future husband, painter, Jody Fallon, that she embraced her true passion for photography. Befriending artists such as Ron Wing, Ellie and Frank Frazetta and seeing the work of Paul Lehr, she realized that her dream could be a reality. Her love of nature and the world which surrounds us is evident in her work. Her images have been described as dreamlike and a unique fusion of grittiness, vintage feeling tones, with a touch of indescribable darkness. Much of this darkness draws from her very early youth living in England. On the weekends, her parents would take her on tours of castles and ruins. These early experiences instilled in her a sense of history and the evitable tragedy of life. It is her hope that in her landscape work this darkness may remind us that all beauty fades and that time is fleeting. All of her figurative work focuses on the struggles of life especially that of women. While drawn to work of Edward Weston and Jan Saudek, most of the artists that she admires are painters and musicians.

Cheryl has exhibited throughout Pennsylvania and most recently in New York City. Her work is held in numerous private collections throughout the United States and in Great Britain and Canada. Limited edition stretched canvas prints are also available at Decor Gallery, 3rd Avenue, New York, NY and all work is available online.

Cheryl currently lives in central Pennsylvania with her husband, Jody, and her two sons, Jack & Cole, ages 6 and 4.