Brian Sal Corral


In his paintings Brian Sal Corral brings harmony and the positive energy of life to the forefront while suggesting the living forms that inspire him.  Living in London has given Brian a full range of subjects.

Brian carries his sketch book and set of colours with him everywhere, anticipating chance occurrences, watching athletes, dancers and musicians perform and even animals play. By choosing the energy that exists between all living things as his subject, the abstracted living forms become a guide for viewers to aid them on the journey from the real world to the existential. The artist invites everyone to interpret each work and to open themselves to the energy and harmony that is all around us.

Brian is a first generation Mexican-American with a MA in Fine Art, and currently teaches at Ealing Hammersmith and West London College. Working out of his studio in Bermondsey his paintings have been included in exhibitions throughout the country and also in the United States with some linked to the Olympics. By successfully becoming a member of the United Society of Artists through their competitive selection process earlier this year, Brian has officially set London as his foundation. With works in private collections around the world and as a member of a recognized artist society, Brian is now expanding further as an international artist of recognition.


Misty Moon Exhibition

  • The Winter Exhibition – 2012