Bernadetta Skwarczyńska aka Seven Art


Bernadetta Skwarczyńska could be best described as a spiritual painter. Her work often portrays a combination of a natural and a spiritual world, ranging from far away galaxies to an internal cell structure of a human body, and a body, specifically a male one, is often a great inspiration to her. Always working with live models, she is trying to look past the obvious, concentrating on the energies around the person and is reflecting on his mind and soul.

Having been painting in oil for over 20 years now, Bernadetta has got plenty of experience with the medium and is still finding new, exciting ways to work with colour. Using large size canvases gives her chance to show us the world through her eyes, being able to express whole scale of emotions.

Bernadetta was born in Poland, where she studied journalism. Already having an experience as a painter, it was a natural step for her concentrate on and to start working as an art journalist. For her, herself, starting as a landscape and portrait artist, she eventually developed a very colourful and vibrant style we know her for now.
While in Poland, she hosted two major and successful exhibitions of her works and also started to develop an interest in effects of the art therapy on peoples minds,whilst she started to work on a psychiatric ward.

This is what Bernadette took with her when moving to the UK in 2007 and is now still exploring while working in a hospital environment.

In Bernadetta’s own words; “Occupational therapy which I led , let me look at the human mind free from restrictions. It was a fascinating experience. This experience has taught me that only unfettered mind is able to show the true emotions.”

Bernadette now lives in Poole (South coast of England) and is operating under her artistic name Seven Art, she has recently finished a two month exhibition in Bournemouth and is actively supporting a local art community through the Boscombe Arts Fair.

Misty Moon Exhibition

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