Belinda Segovia


Belinda Segovia is a self taught artist, she used to do a lot of drawings and sketches as a teen. Her mother was a big encouragement to her at that time, she would draw with Belinda and tell her to follow her dreams. Belinda’s dad and uncle (Andres Segovia) thought it would be better for her to follow in her uncle’s footsteps of music, but music was not how she felt she could show her creative side. Belinda’s uncle understood this but her father did not, and he told her to get a career and not to waste her time just dreaming.

Belinda used to work as a hairdressing teacher, it was something she loved as she could still be creative but her wish was always to get back into doing art and she was able to devote all her time back into her art 4 yrs ago.

The inspiration and ideas for Belinda’s art work comes from everyday things she sees, and from ideas that come to her in dreams. She makes sketches on canvas sheets and directly on canvas before she paints them.  Belinda also paints plain statues. She paints in acrylics and oils on canvases, and in spray paint and out door paint on statues.

Misty Moon Exhibition

  • “Sophie’s World” & “Time and Space”