Annette Burkitt


Annette is a self taught artist, with a background in archaeological research, with a particular interest in the landscape and prehistoric to Dark Age developments.

Annette has a degree in Archaeology and Geography from Southampton University  and teaching and research thereafter.

Annette has always drawn and painted but has been looking forward to concentrating on developing her art as an older (wiser?) observer. She has now got there and is doing it. A good painting crosses the frontiers of the senses: music, drama, feeling, even taste and smell may be activated.  She loves trying to make paintings sing, to stimulate the imagination, that much neglected part of our souls, not to fear the dark but to relish it, and the light, as great, great gifts for our inner worlds.

Annette’s style as a watercolourist is energetic and free, usually colourful.

Annette also works in gouache, pastels, acrylic and oils. The oils tend towards abstract primitivism.

Annette is currently (2013) Workshop organiser for Frome Art Society. She is always willing to do demos, workshops and commissions,  which give her a challenge !