Alex Berka


Alex Berka is a digital collage artist from London, England, with interests in the philosophy of language, theoretical computer science, and getting in touch with his genetic forbears from the Pleistocene era.

Alex; “The impulse for these light boxes arises from an admixture of high technology and human psychosis. Cravings aquired during the slow climb up the evolutionary staircase saturate our conscious interpretation of experience. The power of the primordial over the rational can sometimes result in psychosis, in which the individual’s perception of reality becomes highly distorted. Such psychoses are often used as a means of influencing human behaviour by advertisers, politicians, and religious leaders. This work attempts to use similar techniques to model the collision between science and the glut of urges that nature has supplied us with.”

Misty Moon Exhibition

  • Love & Hate Exhibition – 15th February 2014